We passionately believe in the value and importance of feeling really good through improving, maintaining and developing emotional health, no matter your starting point.

Looking after our emotional health includes paying attention to all aspects of ourselves. When we do this, we come into balance, or become ‘centred’. Being centred is the optimum condition for full health where self-actualisation or ultimate potential can be found. We aim to support you to establish and maintain this in a sustainable way.

Centre is a collective of independent professionals offering a variety of different activities, underpinned by shared values and ethos. All decisions, activities, practices and outcomes at Centre are traceable to these guiding principles. These are:

  • Belief in the capacity of all human potential
  • Equal value of compassion for self and compassion for others
  • Trusting relationships built on honesty, communication, authenticity and integrity
  • Providing excellence in practice with quality assurance.
  • ‘Normalisation’ and ‘positive’ culture keeping in line with ethos/values

Centre Associates are independent professionals who enjoy the flexibility and creativity of self-employment, but appreciate being part of a well-being community/organisation. We are a resource to each other as well as to our clients. Whilst maintaining our own individual professional integrity, we will work collaboratively with other Associates either as part of an overall package, or with clients on an individual basis.

Centre aims to offer a full spectrum of support, comprising:

Centre Therapy
Centre Meditation
Centre Healing
Centre Yoga
Centre Associates

Please see individual pages for more information about our therapists and how they can help.

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Centre is located in the grounds of historic Middle Aston House set in Middle Aston, Oxfordshire.

Centre occupies the West Wing - later built on the site of the original tudor farm.

As well as spacious, elegant practice rooms and the Maple studio, we make use of the stunning outside space including woodland and lakes. Picturesque all year round, during the more temperate months you might find us practicing yoga or meditation outside with the flora and fauna.

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