Address the Stress

Address the stress

Available dates:
Sunday 8th May, 6-8pm
Thursday 19th May, 6-8pm

Middle Aston House, OX25 5PT

We have been living in a stressful environment out of our control for over two years and, for some, it has had a dire effect on our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

'Addressing the Stress' explains the relationship between a stressor (a threat – real or perceived – that causes dis-ease), a stress response, and the components contributing to various states of being. We will discuss and practice ways to expand your window of tolerance to reduce emotional overwhelm and maximise limited resources to enable you to manage your emotions more effectively and support those around you. This session will empower you by learning more about your body and how to activate your relaxation responses.

I'm Lauren Bond, and I am a Neurocoach (brain and body coach) and Therapeutic Sound Practitioner. I help people that struggle with anxiety, stress and/or emotional overwhelm. I have an extensive background in complex trauma and anxiety related behaviours both from a personal and professional perspective. My professional focus has been to empower people to understand how their life experiences shape their behaviour, and therefore manage their feelings. Some may have a diagnosis that explains these feelings, and for others it may be a relatively new occurrence or experience. My work brings the focus back to the body (which is your own unique communication) to recognise why certain behaviours emerge when we're feeling anxious, stressed or emotionally overwhelmed. When we can recognise and understand our behaviour, we feel empowered to naturally make changes that help us to feel better, leading to long term sustained wellbeing.

I'm Linda Green. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to help heal and alleviate suffering, both in animals and people. It was being introduced to meditation that had the most profound effect and transformation in myself. It allowed me to still the mind, feel into the body and become more conscious of any emotions I experienced; acknowledging them and allowing them to pass through and release them. Gradually through meditation practice I was able to learn to be more in control of my reactions and emotions in response to things and events that might trigger overwhelming feelings. I still feel the emotions – we are human after all – but rather than being consumed by them and taking up unnecessary space in the brain, meditation helped to allow me to let go and move on from things much more easily.


Wellbeing gift bag and refreshments included.

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Download the Flyer for this event

Download the Flyer for this event

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