Lauren Bond
Neuro Coach and Therapeutic Sound Practitioner

BA Hons Psychology
Holistic Life Coach and Mindbody Practitioner Diploma
Certified Polyvagal-informed Practitioner and Trainer
Certified Safe&Sound Practitioner






I'm Lauren, and I am a Neurocoach (brain and body coach) and Therapeutic Sound Practitioner. I help with people that struggle with anxiety, stress and/or emotional overwhelm. I have an extensive background in complex trauma and anxiety related behaviours both from a personal and professional perspective. My professional focus has been to empower people to understand how their life experiences shape their behaviour, and therefore manage their feelings.

Some may have a diagnosis that explains these feelings, and for others it may be a relatively new occurrence or experience. My work brings the focus back to the body (which is your own unique communication) to recognise why certain behaviours emerge when we're feeling anxious, stressed or emotionally overwhelmed. When we can recognise and understand our behaviour, we feel empowered to naturally make changes that help us to feel better, leading to long term sustained well being'.

Some behaviours that emerge from anxiety, stress and overwhelm are:

*Foggy/active mind
*Sleep issues
*Digestion/gut issues
*Emotional outbursts
*Racing heart
*Rapid/shallow breathing
*Panic attacks
*A need to withdraw from social situations
*A fear of social situations
*Rigid mindset
*Crying uncontrollably
*Feelings of hopelessness
*Everything feeling 'too much'

The work that I offer is a combination of talk therapy, sound and neural exercises developed over many years of tried and tested models and practices, and is best described as 'physio for the mind'.

The best analogy describing my approach is a car journey:

  • If you need to get to a destination and want to avoid your car cutting out you make sure to check the oil and fuel levels.
  • If there isn't enough fuel in the tank or oil in the engine the car will cut out and unable to reach it's destination.
  • If a body doesn't have enough of the right fuel it will also cut out and be less able to get where it wants to be.

I help others to figure out what their unique 'fuel' looks like and how often they need to fill their tanks to continue to 'ride smoothly' and avoid cutting out and feeling stuck.

The process rids the body of the 'fuel drain' of residual stress and anxiety, and fills the tank by increasing resilience to bring the body back to a state of rest and relaxation. It improves physical and mental immunity and enhances a sense of well-being.

I offer two types of practice:


RESET restores balance to the nervous system (responsible for feelings of stress and overwhelm), and move away from unhelpful thinking, enabling you to better navigate life’s challenges and improve your mental and physical immunity.

It uses sound and neural exercises to navigate the nervous system and help shift focus from intrusive thoughts to embodied awareness. You’ll learn to ‘navigate to think straight’ and minimise the sense of stuckness as we explore effective ways to help your body regulate out of anxious and collapsed depressive states.

RESET will also improve interpersonal communication and minimise conflict in the household and the workplace.
This process is bespoke and nuanced and will help you RESET in a way that is authentic to you to restore connection and enhance effectiveness in all areas of your life. You’ll be able to respond intentionally instead of reacting defensively.

Sound Sessions

These sessions are rooted in the Safe Sound Protocol (SSP) which is an audio intervention developed by Stephen Porges that involves listening to filtered music.  SSP enables clients of all ages to regulate their response to stress, emotions, and to begin to feel a sense of safety around others instead of the need to withdraw.

Sound sessions are a good fit for:

Emotional Overwhelm
Behavioural difficulties
Relationship difficulties
Depressed mood
Gut issues
Sleep issues
Social Anxiety
Emotional Regulation Difficulties
Improved Learning and Engagement

There have also been marked improvements with clients who have learning challenges, inattention, hyperactivity, auditory processing difficulties, sensory processing disorder, anxiety and poor state regulation.

The Sound Sessions are rooted in self-compassion and curiosity to allow clients to slowly and carefully navigate the various states of their nervous system to conquer the sense of ‘feeling stuck’.

Sessions can be conducted in person or remotely and will span over 10-12 sessions of 1/2 hour to 45 minutes depending on the client’s age and experience.
This intervention is suitable for children, adolescents and adults.

Both models are nuanced and tailored to an individual's unique experience and I offer a free 15 minute consultation call to clarify what the best fit would be for each person.

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RESET is suitable for individual adults and adolescents. I also offer RESET training for groups at home or in the workplace. £55/hour
Sound sessions are suitable for children, adolescents and adults and are £50


"Our family was in crisis, with our teenager struggling to manage anxiety and depression in a safe way. The RESET programme offered us a roadmap through unknown territory, guiding us on a journey from helplessness to hope. We can't recommend RESET highly enough."

“Lauren herself is unique, she has the gift of understanding how the brain works combined with a compassionate and understanding approach. With her guidance and support I gained confidence in parenting my son with a simple to follow model which in turn helped him to feel more safe and secure in becoming more independent and managing emotions”

“ I am so glad I did SSP with Lauren. It has been an amazing experience. Before doing the course I had had months of feeling anxious all the time, and out of control in my life. Since doing SSP I feel far more calm and able to cope with life.  I now wake up every morning feeling fine,  which is wonderful! My sleep has also improved, it is much more consistent now and I am less rigid around it. I found SSP compliments Lauren’s RESET program perfectly. Thank you Lauren for shifting my system back on track, softly and soundly!”

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