Welcome to Centre Meditation

Through meditation, we are able to return to our natural state of positivity, peace and gratitude. In this state, we are centred.

This ancient practice of meditation is proven to have a long list of benefits - reducing stress and anxiety, improving emotional health, enhancing self awareness, sharpening focus, better sleep and pain management to name a few. Given it’s clear value, meditation can be said to be a life skill…

Meditation is for everyone. However, many of us come to meditation and initially find it challenging – we are human, we have minds that wander! Learning meditation is a skill, and regular practice is needed in order to experience consistent benefits. Happily, it is practice, not perfection that counts. Being supported to establish a practice of meditation with the guidance of a teacher can make all the difference.

We welcome all levels of experience and expertise, and offer 1:1 and group meditation teaching, as well as regular group practice sessions. Where weather allows, we hold sessions outside in our beautiful grounds and woodlands of Middle Aston House.

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