Linda Green
Meditation Teacher / Practitioner

Certified Transformation and Heart Based Practices (IPHM accredited training)
Usui Reiki Healing - First and Second Degree
CPD Cert Aromatherapy

07500 112458

Meditation is an ancient practice and technique, proven to help reduce stress and tension, increase awareness, strengthen insight, bring clarity, release blocks and barriers and enhance our general health and well-being.

My soul purpose is to support and help others to be able to bring more well being, harmony and balance into their lives through means of healing and meditation, so that they may empower themselves to find and follow their own healing journey and soul connection.

My own experience with meditation began with using online apps. I did find they helped slightly by improving sleep and helping me to feel more calm, however I was always questioning and doubting that I was ‘doing’ it right - which meant I was using more mental energy than needed and that kind of defeated the object! So when a family member suggested we go along to a group session in meditation, I was intrigued to see what it was all about. I absolutely loved my first session straight away. It was these group sessions (and some one to one meditations with my teacher) that really brought about transformation in myself, enhanced my well-being and led me to live a more spiritually connected and holistic way of life.

About the work:

I offer regular weekly and monthly group sessions, workshops and one to one guided meditation teaching. Please see our events pages for dates and bookings.

One to One Sessions
Integrated meditation and Reiki Healing

One to one meditation provides a safe and secure space for you to be supported to gain more insight, clarity and a deeper understanding of self. Our ego is extremely powerful and the inner critic within us can hold us back from creating change for our highest good, releasing and letting go of things we don't need to hold on to and peeling back the layers of barriers and blocks we have built around ourselves over the years. Heart based practices in particular help us grow a real sense of compassion for ourselves and others. Gradually through meditation practice,we can learn to be more in control of our reactions and emotions in response to things and events that might trigger overwhelming feelings.

What to expect during your one to one session:

Throughout the sessions we explore different meditation styles to identify those most suited to your needs. This is followed by Reiki healing to cleanse any remaining stagnant energy and to allow the energy within the body to flow freely. A typical session would last approximately one hour.
A free 20 minute telephone conversation prior to the first session is offered to explore how we can work together to best support you.

I work face to face for individuals of any age for single or ongoing sessions
Session length 1 hr

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£45 per session. Payment via bank transfer.

Discount offered for block booking of 4 sessions - £160.

A few sessions are recommended to produce optimal benefits and to observe transformation taking place.

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