Introduction to Sukhita Somatic Training for practitioners

Introduction to Sukhita Somatic Training – for qualified and trainee counsellors, psychotherapists and healing therapists

Experiential workshop led by Hugh Poulton: Helping therapists and clients to connect with their feelings through the body in therapy and healing work

25th September 2021, 10am-12pm
Middle Aston House, OX25 5PT

Separating the mind and body is the adaptive response to trauma.  This leads us to become disconnected from our feelings, and unable to access them for release.

Somatic awareness enables us to bring the natural intelligence and language of the human body (and the emotional blocks which may be held there) into consciousness, to be worked with.

Learning to listen and respond skillfully to this complements our cognitive and emotional intelligence,  enhancing our journey towards healing and balance.

This workshop will cover:

* What is somatics?
* Valuing the non-verbal: The hidden language of the body
* Practical exercise in somatic experience
* Uses of somatic awareness, traditional and modern
* Practical exercise in directed consciousness
* Somatic impact of the difficult and challenging
* Experiential and cognitive skills required to practice somatic awareness


Please wear loose/comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat and drink for your comfort.

About Hugh
Hugh guides people towards balance and healing through the Sukhita method: a non-verbal somatic practice which creates wholesome change from experiential awareness and understanding the human condition.  A teacher trainer, mentor and life-long practitioner of yoga and mindfulness meditation his approach is rare in its simplicity and depth.

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