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Jill Burton

Health Kinesiologist


  • Certificate in Health Kinesiology

07587 696719

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About Jill

I have had a long career working with both children and parents in support of their emotional and mental health. My desire for helping others led me to explore many different techniques.


Some years ago I was diagnosed with ME. I had always followed a conventional medical route prior to this but found there was little useful treatment available at the time. I was determined to get my life back, and so I began to look for other ways to help myself. I found and tried something called the Lightning Process and this had positive results for me.


Despite exploring many techniques to help myself and others I had not yet encountered anything about energy work. This happened when I discovered a friend was training to be an EFT practitioner. While I found this fascinating I felt that there was some other energy work out there that would fulfil what I was searching for.


I experienced further health issues. Within a very short time, I discovered Health Kinesiology (HK) and knew immediately that this was work I wanted to offer to others having felt how powerful this can be.

What is Health Kinesiology (HK)?

HK is a holistic therapy based on asking your body energy what you need in order to enjoy vibrant health and wellbeing. HK uses very gentle muscle testing and verbal questioning to communicate with your body’s energy systems. The technique involves applying gentle pressure on a muscle (usually on the arm) and assessing the response. The body is offered various techniques and procedures that will help to restore balance.

How does it work?

Kinesiology means "the study of movement". As a treatment system, it involves testing muscles through their range of movement and correcting any weaknesses detected. Because muscles are linked to internal organs and to meridians in the Chinese model of medicine, disturbances in muscle function will flag up problems in internal function and energy flow round the body. When the body is in contact with a factor that stresses it, a muscle being tested will lose tone slightly and unlock. This unlocking of the tested muscle indicates that some part of the body is being deprived of its energy supply in terms of nerve impulses, blood flow which carries oxygen and nutrients, lymph drainage which takes away its wastes, or is in some way confused about how it should function. The stress or linked group of stresses is defined by muscle testing. The body has the intelligence to flag up the stresses that most need to be dealt with in the order it is most capable of addressing them*.

What to expect during your HK session:

The HK practitioner may ask the client to:

  • Think a specific thought

  • Have a magnet placed on them

  • Place the hands in a specific position

While doing this, acupuncture points are held, or sometimes tapped, to retune the energy and help maintain the body’s natural balance. No needles or other equipment are involved and clients usually find this a very relaxing experience. You may also be offered advice on changes in lifestyle for optimum wellbeing which is obtained by responses from your body via the muscle testing during the session.

I offer a free initial phone consultation. After this consultation, I will ask you to complete a form with some background information and agree a focus for our work together.

I work face to face or online, with clients of all ages. It is typical for most clients to need 3-5 sessions


Session length: 1 hour. First session up to 1.5 hours.


*information was adapted from work by Ann Parker - HK tutor and practitioner

Calm Sea


£60 per session.
£40 per session for children and those on assisted income.


07587 696719

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