Moon Mna Women’s Circle

Moon Mna Women's Circle

Monthly, Saturdays, 10am-1pm

Moon Mna circles coincide with the lunar calendar,
and the energies connected with this.
Dates and circle themes are released each month via our
Facebook and Instagram pages

Middle Aston House, OX25 5PT

Moon Mna (Gaelic for women) Circles consist of a group of like hearted women gathering in circle on a monthly basis to explore aspects of life important to women under the different phases of Grandmother Moon (Seanmhathair Gealach). The moon is the quintessential symbol of the divine feminine with her gloriously complicated cycle mirroring the stillness of our very being. Each Moon Mna theme has a direct link to Grandmother moon. Women of all ages are welcome to the circles including those who identify as the female gender. 

We look at the ancient Goddesses of the Celtic Isles such as The Crone Goddess, the wise old Cailleach who reminds us of the moon waning into darkness and our inevitable ageing process as she wisely advises us to embrace this gently. Midwife goddess Brigid, bringer of springtime, heralds the birth of a new moon phase cycle each month. Maiden Goddess Grainne reflects the moon as she waxes to the sliver of a crescent. There are many more Goddesses and Themes to explore each month. 

The circles are well structured and held in a safe and sacred confidential space by a Moon Mna Circle Facilitator. There is time for an energetic cleanse, sharing, the gifting of rites, a fire and a water ceremony, deep relaxation and active listening, tea and treats, journaling and shamanic journeying. We call in our protective spiritual guides and the cardinal 4 directions for protection and to help create a sacred space. The experience of being part of a Celtic Women’s Circle can be deeply healing as well as joyous as well as one that allows time for reflection and space supporting women in today’s frenetic world.  


Some feedback from the Moon Mna Women’s Circles at Centre

“Thank you for the lovely session yesterday Ruth. It was absolutely beautiful”

“I always feel like I’m walking on air after the circles, they are helping me so much”

“Thanks so much for Saturday, your fairy energy was infectious”

“Thank you so much for these circles, they are so powerful and empowering”

“I feel so much lighter now”


£20 per session, booking essential

Booking and further information:

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