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Victoria Thomas

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist


  • Level 6 Diploma Naturopathic Nutrition


07766 903 924


About Victoria

Looking back to my 30s and 40s, little did I know that unresolved grief, work stress, parenting, poor nutrition, poor sleep and the rollercoaster of peri-menopause would lead to burnout and a period of chronic illness. Conventional medicine couldn’t help me so I looked for an alternative path. So began my 3 -year Nutrition journey with the College of Naturopathic Medicine (London), which allowed me to take back control of my health and move forward with better health than I’d experienced in years.

The power of lifestyle and nutrition interventions should never be underestimated, we just need someone to show us the way.


I offer realistic and implementable solutions. I promise to listen then inspire you to make positive change to give you the energy for life that you may not have seen for years!


Work with me if:

  • You would like a personal plan tailored to your individual needs

  • You are ready to take back control of your health and want to invest in your future

  • You want to understand what’s causing your symptoms and change them for the better

  • You want to understand how your food and lifestyle choices impact your health


Naturopathic nutrition works alongside conventional medicine. It is a complementary modality that favours the ‘Functional Medicine’ model; this addresses the connection between the many biological systems within the body and as a result focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of ill-health and disease – and most importantly, why it is happening.


Nutritional therapy combines food and lifestyle interventions, targeted supplement support and functional tests (where required), to optimise long-term health from both a mental and physical perspective. It is helpful for those with unresolved symptoms, those who want to be in control of long-term good health or those who wish to take a more natural approach.


My recommendations are based on a full health history, always supported by the latest scientific/clinical research, not the most recent ‘fad’ advice. Nutrition is not a quick fix and there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.  I also offer you the chance to be heard in a non-judgemental, open and relaxed setting here at Centre.


I support both men and women with a range of symptoms and conditions including (but not limited to):

  • Fatigue, low energy, sleep issues

  • Low mood, anxiety

  • Hormone health (peri/menopause, low testosterone, PMS, PCOS, and thyroid conditions)

  • Stress and burnout

  • Gut issues and digestive discomfort.

However, I am qualified to support all ages and most health conditions where perhaps conventional medicine has failed.

Whilst all services are tailor-made for you, I find that packages work best due to the complex nature of most health issues. All consultations start with a free, no obligation 20 min health review – a great way to discover the type of support I would recommend and answer any questions you may have.

Packages start from £480 and would typically look like:

    •  1 x Initial Consultation (2 hours)

    •  3 x Follow-up (45mins each)

    •  1 x 15 min phone check-in

    •  Personal plan (nutrition / lifestyle) updated after each follow-up

    •  Resources, recipes and recommendations for additional support where required

    •  Appropriate tests and supplement recommendations where required (additional cost)


Want a health MOT? – £130 per hour, £95 follow-up (45mins)

Calm Sea


For individual fees, see above


07766 903 924

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