Your Aligned Life Programme

Your Aligned Life Programme

Are you living a live you love?

Starting 5th March, 2-4pm

Make 2022 the year you create a life you love from the inside out

Middle Aston House, OX25 5PT

Clear blocks and unhelpful beliefs, regain balance, inner peace and create alignment to the life you desire.

Using a unique blend of energy psychology and modern practices combined with coaching and meditation we will:

• Create a whole life vision & intentions
• Develop daily practices and rituals to help you feel peaceful, empowered and energised
• Clear blocks and break self-sabotaging behaviours
• Let go of what no longer serves you
• Deepen your connection to the Earth and the universe
• Unlock your potential on a mental, emotional, physical and energetic level
• Enhance intuition and trust your inner-guidance
• Activate abundance, creativity, clarity, and purpose
• Stay calm, centred and grounded
• Understand and use the Law of vibration to manifest a greater reality for yourself... and the world

Week 1 – Life  Review
Course orientation
Clarity, what’s working, what’s not
Finding balance
Old stories and beliefs
Working with cycles and nature
Vision & intention setting

Week 2 – Creating healthy foundations
Finding stillness, support & belonging
Connect to stability and ease
Alignment & Abundance - Rituals and practices
Trust, confidence & action.

Week 3 – Creative (feminine) Activation
Healthy relationship with self and others
Letting go – cutting unhealthy ties
Self-expression and creativity
Balancing yin and yang – flow, giving & receiving
Increasing passion, joy and worth

Week 4 –  Reignite Your Personal Power
Confidence & trusting your instincts
Clear fear of judgement, criticism  & rejection
Empowered choices – Clearing self-sabotage
Boundaries – Bullet-proof self confidence
Self nourishment
Connecting to your mission, clarity, power and purpose

Week 5 – Leading with Love
Giving & receiving with ease
Self-love practices
Healing, compassion, forgiveness, letting go
Empathy – healthy boundaries and open heartedness
Communicating with confidence
Connecting and following the heart and intuition

Week 6 – Express Your Authentic Self
Speaking your truth and being heard
Communicating with confidence
Connecting to and trusting your intuition
Creating a vision board
Vision anchoring and self-hypnosis

£150 for 6 sessions

Booking and further information: or call 07980 934352

To find out more about Susie, click here

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