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Becky Button

Shiatsu Therapist


  • BSc PGCert

07969 201172


About Becky

I am a third year student at the Dartmoor School of Shiatsu. My interest started at school with a love of biology, and I went on to study a biology degree at university. Following my degree I had the opportunity to travel through India and this ignited a life long curiosity into alternative approaches to the body and health. This has included studying several physical disciplines including yoga, various martial arts and Qi Gong.

I was first introduced to Shiatsu in 2005 when I booked myself onto a Foundation course in Devon. I was blown away by how my body responded to each treatment and how the effects of the treatment would often continue over the following days. As a result, Shiatsu has become my go-to therapy when I feel physically or emotionally out of balance. I have used Shiatsu at various stages of my life including to treat hip and sacral pain, as support before, during and after the birth of my three children, and more recently, addressing emotional and hormonal issues that so often present themselves as physical symptoms. Through Shiatsu I continue to deepen my understanding of myself. It is more than just a physical bodywork therapy, it is a healing art and allows us to connect deeply to ourselves as we journey towards health

What is Shiatsu Therapy?

Shiatsu is a bodywork therapy from Japan that integrates Meridian Theory, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Theory. Oriental medicine recognises that the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the human body function as an interconnected whole, and that life energy, or Ki, flows through channels called meridians. Symptoms occur when the flow of Ki along these pathways become disrupted. By using a combination of gentle pressure, holding, stretching, joint mobilisation and breath-work techniques, Shiatsu allows energy to flow freely and promotes the body's own capacity to heal.

Shiatsu is known to help with a wide range of conditions including back pain, headaches, joint pain, digestive problems, insomnia, depression, stress, menstrual issues and hormonal imbalances. It also empowers the client to connect to the underlying causes of symptoms, allowing them to become active participants in their own healing.

What can my clients expect?

Each Shiatsu session begins with a short consultation and is followed by a 45 minute treatment which is given on a soft futon mat on the floor. Shiatsu is best received wearing loose, comfortable and warm clothing.

How many sessions are needed will vary person to person. A single Shiatsu session is an enjoyable treat, and some people like to come for a monthly preventative treatment. But for more chronic conditions, a series of regular treatments is recommended to help shift habitual patterns of holding. Depending on the individual, up to 6 or 8 treatments is recommended to integrate change and this can be discussed during the initial consultation.

Calm Sea


Initial session: £45 (1.5hr)
Follow up sessions: £30 (1hr)


07969 201172

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