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About Yoga

A yoga practice goes to the very heart of what it means to be centred. The physical benefits of yoga have been long appreciated, but it is possibly less well known that the yoga poses – asanas – were originally taught as a mechanism to open up to optimum energetic balance and flow. This means that as well as the physical benefits of yoga, we can also find emotional, mental and spiritual health benefits.

For this reason, yoga is a very personal experience, and our classes, individual sessions and workshops connect with you on an individual level. Whether you are a total beginner, or well on the yogic path, we welcome you to the Juniper studio at Centre.


Yoga at Centre

We are a group of independent highly trained and experienced professional therapists, working collaboratively as associates. All our therapists adhere to the clinical and ethical guidelines of their registered professional body and as such, they undertake regular CPD (continuing Professional Development). Their practice is regularly supervised, to ensure the highest standards of counselling are maintained.

In addition to our individual practice values, we share the following ethos:

Belief in the capacity of all human potential
Value and practice of self-care/compassion to best support care/compassion for the client
Trusting relationships built on honesty, communication, authenticity, and integrity
Providing excellence in practice with quality assurance

Meet the team

Initial consultation

We believe that finding the right therapist for you has the greatest impact on making change.

We offer an initial free consultation, firstly to offer some general information about finding the right therapy and therapist, but specifically to think about your needs in detail, and to share how the individual therapist can work with you. This will give you the sense of whether the therapist is the right ‘fit’ for you.

Please see our individual therapist pages for more information or to help you choose a therapist.

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