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Interested in offering your services at Centre?

Centre Associates are sole professional practitioners or very
small organisations that want to retain the flexibility and creativity
of self-employment, but appreciate being part of a wellbeing community/organisation. Whilst maintaining your own professional integrity, you will work collaboratively with other Associates either
as part of an overall package, or with clients on an individual basis.

Associates benefit from the reputation and ethos/values of Centre and help to shape the client offer.

The day-to-day working experience of Associates is of paramount importance to us, with the focus on building working practices that are a personal fit. This is central to excellent client care. Associates may also be a resource to one another as part of the self-care concept, and have access to shared CPD. As well as a welcoming therapeutic space set in beautiful surroundings, Centre offers practical support for advertising and promoting services. Associates are invited to explore creative options to expand their working practices.

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Meet our Associates

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