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Jules Sealby

Clinical Director

Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, Energy Psychotherapist

Energy Medicine Practitioner, Clinical Supervisor


  • B.Ed (Joint Honours)

  • PG Cert Psychodynamic Counselling (Oxon)

  • PG Dip Psychodynamic Practice (Oxon)

07712 439162
(Please be aware that I am not always able to answer
calls immediately)

Jules Sealby.jpg

About Jules

I hope that a little information about me will support you to know whether I feel like the right therapist for you.

​I have worked in the field of mental and emotional health since 1997, initially in education settings and later as a service manager within the education system and the charity sector. In 2007, I completed my first psychotherapeutic qualification leading to the establishment of a thriving private practice.

My approach offers that 'mental health' presents as a spectrum on which we all exist, (as does 'physical health'). We move up and down this scale, dependant on what current and historic challenges we have. Understanding and attending to our emotions puts us in the best possible place to feel good. The counselling process responds to individual needs in order that we go beyond just resolution of the problem, to finding the very best version of ourselves. I established Centre Therapy, as a central part of Centre Oxfordshire to offer this support through different modalities.

I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and abide by their codes of practice, ethics and continued professional development. Further information on the BACP can be obtained here.

Jules specialises in two forms of counselling:

Put simply, this means that we think about your current situation/problem/symptom, your past experiences and the counselling relationship to understand more about the root cause of unhappiness or distress.  

We uncover thoughts and feelings that have thus far possibly been hidden to us, offering a new or different perspective.  This insight enables different choices and allows a leaving behind of old patterns and beliefs that are no longer useful to us.

A 'good fit' between therapist and client has the greatest impact in counselling.  Psychodynamic therapy has this relationship at the heart of the work.

Therapy sessions are usually 50 minutes long, on a regular – usually weekly – basis. 

Calm Sea


Free Initial consultation.

£65 per session.
£50 per session for those on
assisted income.


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