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Rae McGeorge

Flower and Vibrational Essences Practitioner


  • Practitioner Level Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Essences

  • Accredited by the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association

  • Level 2 Human Anatomy & Physiology

  • Animal Anatomy & Physiology

07948 386186

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About Rae

My own introduction to essences was my use of Bach Rescue Remedy to calm me during my final exams at university. I later turned to rescue remedy after a traumatic miscarriage and then during the immense grief at losing loved ones.


Rescue remedy was my ‘comfort blanket’ for some years before I felt inspired to study the work of essences in broader terms to offer clients in my healing work.

How essences work

Flower and vibrational essences have been used for centuries in certain parts of the world. It was the work of Dr Edward Bach, in the 1930s, which brought essences to a wider audience in the form of 38 flower remedies. Now there are many types of remedies available for those preferring a more holistic approach to wellbeing.

Essences carry the healing vibration or signature of flowers, plants, trees, crystal minerals and environmental elements and can support emotional wellbeing particularly where there is imbalance due to life’s pressures resulting in stress and anxiety; where there is a fear of living in the ‘now’; lacking confidence in one’s self-expression or focus for one’s goals and dreams; shock; the pain of loss and grief. Essences can be safely be taken by adults, children and animals. Essences work in a subtle yet powerful way calming the senses and aiding the emotional self to recalibrate and recover. 

What can my clients expect?

I send a consultation form, by email, to be completed and returned to me prior to the first appointment. During the consultation we will discuss the form together and establish where the client needs support. Then the process of selecting essences will begin. I show the client flower, plant, tree and other images accordingly. I am currently working with the Bach Flower Remedy range. The client chooses those to which they feel most drawn and we discuss what resonates and why. It may be a flower shape, depth of colour or perhaps something which the client cannot put their finger on yet feels right at that time. Should there be any indecisiveness regarding choice of essences I may, with the client’s permission, incorporate the use of a dowsing tool or a very simple muscle testing technique.


Essences and essence combinations are prepared by me at home and posted to the client with instructions on use. For essences taken orally drops may added under the tongue or to a glass of water to be sipped. Where essences are to be used topically, instructions will be discussed and documented for ease of reference.

Calm Sea


First consultation: 1 hour 15 minutes £70.00
Follow up consultations: 1 hour - £65.00

Taster sessions (30 minutes)
are also available for £25.

All prices include custom mix Flower Essence bottles.


07948 386186

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